How to get rid of Evernote's link interstitial

If you’re an avid Evernote user like me chances are you have been bugged by a very annoying “feature”. Whenever you click on an external link from on of your Notes you will be redirected to a sort of confirmation screen that warns you that you are leaving Evernote.


Of course I am, that’s exactly why I am clicking on a link [clicks on continue].

This gets tedious very quickly when clicking on more than two links in a row. Apparently I’m not the only one who finds this incredibly frustrating.

Since there’s no built in way to disable this feature here’s a quick workaround that will get this problem fixed once for all.

First thing, add the browser extension Redirector, available for Firefox, Chrome and Opera. And then:

  • Open its configuration panel and add a new redirect.
  • Under “Include pattern” paste*.
  • Under “Redirect to” type `$1’.
  • Make sure “wildcard” is toggled
  • Open Advanced options and under “Process matches” select “URL decode”.

Here’s an overview of everything mentioned above.


Save and try opening a new link from Evernote. You should now see you browser opening the desired page.

Credit go to Einar Egilsson whose Redirector avoided the need for me to create an extension to solve an issue that has been bugging me for months until I decided to fix it one for all.

Written on March 31, 2019